A Few Words About Us

Eckenberg Farms is a world leader in Quality Hay Products. We are located in Mattawa, WA, in the center of Washington State’s Columbia Basin, where rich volcanic soils help produces world class agriculture commodities, from premium hay to hearty wheat.

We are a family owned company, with half a century of absolute commitment to providing quality hay products to our customers. Thanks to our dedicated employees, who have made the name Eckenberg synonymous with quality, we distribute over one hundred thousand metric tons of premium hay around the world each year.

Eckenberg Farms began in 1963 when its founder, Ed Eckenberg and his wife, Kay bought 150 acres of land in the heart of Washington State’s Columbia Basin, hoping to provide a wholesome and secure life for their young family. Today, sons,  Bob and Jim Eckenberg, direct the day-to-day operations of the business, employing  over 50 persons and farming over 3,000 acres of America’s prime hay and timothy farmland.

    Eckenberg Farms supplies premium quality hay cubes, compressed hay bales and a wide range of other premium forage products to customers around the world.

    To produce, distribute and market quality forage products from the Pacific Northwest to the World.

    Robert Eckenberg