Double Compressed Bale Packages


This is the smallest double-compressed bale we make. At around 30-kg, these bales are suitable for smaller dairies where mechanical assistance is limited.

Standard Export Bales(DC)

This double-compressed bale is double the size of a half-cut and weighs approximately 60-kg. Timothy in particular is often preferred in this configuration, although occasionally alfalfa is also finished out this way.

Long Bales

This 120-kg bale is ideal for mid-sized dairies utilizing TMR mixers and machinery. These bales are produced in exactly the same manner as standard and half-cut bales with no chopping or mixing.

480-Kg Bales

The 480-kg sleeve bale is designed for large-scale dairies and offer a number of advantages for large-scale end-users over smaller export bales. The larger unit size allows rapid unloading and stacking in customers’ warehouses and the larger weights are appropriate for dairies and distributors who mix hays in TMR mixers.
Hay is compressed and never chopped or mixed. Since all hay comes from a single source, leaf-to-stem ratios are uniform throughout the bale and throughout the container. Units are extremely stable and stackable in the warehouse and, except for a few straps, there is nothing to discard.